Claudio Chiavazza completed his musical studies at the Turin Conservatory, where he studied clarinet, choral music and choral conducting. His graduate studies were in choral conducting and musicology under Adone Zecchi, Fosco Corti, Giovanni Acciai, Andrea von Ramm, and Piero Damilano, then with Peter Erdei at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary. His main musical activities are comprised of choral conducting and teaching, currently at the Turin Conservatory. As a conductor, Chiavazza has directed concerts in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Greece, the Czech Republic, and ex-Yugoslavia, spanning a repertoire ranging from Gregorian chant to contemporary polyphonic music, including various world premieres. He has received various awards and recognitions and is often called to take part of juries in important international competitions.
Since its foundation, Claudio Chiavazza has been the director of the Coro Maghini in Turin and together with the Rai National Symphony Orchestra he has undertaken the most important symphonic-choral repertoire, working with directors such as Rafael Frühbeck De Burgos, Yuri Ahronovitch, Kirill Petrenko, Gerd Albrecht, Kristian Jarvi, Serge Baudo, Simon Preston, Jeffrey Tate, Juanio Mena, Gianandrea Noseda, Wayne Marshall, Helmuth Rilling, Christopher Hogwood, Robert King and Ottavio Dantone, Ivor Bolton. He regularly collaborates with the Academia Montis Regalis, under the direction of Alessandro De Marchi.


As far as early music, he has directed various groups such as Academia Montis Regalis, Musici di Santa Pelagia, Cagliari Early Music Festival Orchestra, Genoa Accademia degli Imperfetti and the Pamparato Compagnia Barocca Stanislao Cordero, participating in notorious festivals, such as MITO SettembreMusica and Tempus Paschale in Turin, Armoniche Fantasie, the Monreale International Sacred Music Festival in Palermo, Musica Recercata in Genoa, Festival dei Saraceni, the 5th Annual Via Francigena Musical Festival, Musique Sacrée en Avignon and Les Baroquiales in Sospel, France, Innsbruck Festival of Early Music. Chiavazza is the musical director and artistic director of the group Gli Affetti Musicali, which in addition to major productions such as Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine and Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, he has also realized various research Projects in collaboration with the Istituto per i Beni Musicali in the Piedmont Region, as well as world-premier recordings of unpublished music of Giovan Battista Fergusio, Filippo Albini, Sigismondo D'India, Francesco Durante, Alessandro Scarlatti, and Domenico Scarlatti for the recording labels Opus 111, Stradivarius and Sarx Records. In conjunction with concert engagements, he is active in promoting and spreading music throughout Italy: he was the founder of the Roberto Goitre Center for Musical Studies in Turin and since the 1980s he has been involved in the organization of important events such as the Incontri Corali, the Musica al tempo di Carlo Emanuele I di Savoia project, I Labirinti di Orfeo Festival and the annual Musica nei Luoghi dello Spirito.